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Major activities: Snorkelling and diving at Ifaty; visiting the lemurs and the Ankarana Reserve; sight-seeing in Antananarivo; and many more.

Madagascar Socio-Economic Statistics*

East of Africa, in the Indian Ocean lies this pieces of earth, split off from the African mainland millions of years ago. As an island - uninhabited until seafarers from Southeast Asia and Africa arrived 1500 to 2 000 years ago - Madagascar's isolation has preserved unique species such as the endangered lemur and ancient baobab trees.

Capital Antananarivo
National Day 26 October 1960
Airport Ivato International Airport
Main languages French, Malagasy, English
Time zone GMT +3
Size 587 051 km2
Population 20 754 million (2009)
Economy Fishing and Forestry are pillars of an agriculture - based economy and it is the biggest vanilla producer in the world.
Currency Malagasy Ariary (MGA)
Climate Rainy season November to April with average summer temperature of 20°C, which drops to just below 15°C in winter.
Places to see Antananarivo, Avenue du Baobab at Morondava, Reserve speciale de L'a narana, Snorkeling at Ifaty, Mangily and Madio Rano.

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Airlink operates daily direct and convenient flights to Antananarivo from Johannesburg.

*Socio economic data courtesy RETOSA
The Regional Tourism Organisation of Southern Africa (RETOSA) is a Southern African Development Community (SADC) body responsible for the development of tourism through marketing and promotion of sustainable regional tourism in 14 Southern African countries. Working in close cooperation with the region’s national tourism organisations, the private sector and media partners, RETOSA engages in several projects while promoting tourism investment and affecting transformation through public sector facilitation.

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