Airlink Cargo


Airlink Cargo, a Division of SA Airlink (Pty) Ltd provides air freight transport directly to more than 35 destinations across Southern Africa. Through its diverse network and strategic partnerships Airlink Cargo has the ability to provide its customers with the freedom to connect cargo to numerous destinations domestically within South Africa, internationally across Southern Africa and internationally to the world from its outstations.

The advantage of using an air transport service with a distribution network such as Airlink Cargo's is that it provides different options to either send cargo point-to-point direct from one airport to another; or to utilize via connections through other airports.

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Swaziland Airlink


Swaziland Airlink, the pride of the kingdom, provides direct and convenient daily return scheduled jet flights between King Mswati 111 International Airport in Sikhuphe and Johannesburg.

Swaziland Airlink offers seamless interline connections with Airlink, SAA and its partner flights around the world. Qualify for free travel by earning Voyager Miles through flying on Swaziland Airlink.

Spread your wings, fly Swaziland Airlink - it's direct, convenient and reliable.

Frequent-Flyer Programme


The privileged life
Voyager is South African Airways' Loyalty programme. It serves to thank our frequent flyers for choosing our airline, by giving them reward Miles for every time they travel with us. These Miles can be redeemed for free flights, upgrades and other benefits.

Voyager offers five tiers - Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Lifetime Platinum - with each tier providing members with exclusive benefits. Sign up now for your free membership!

The higher you fly, the greater your privileges...

The more frequently you fly South African Airways, Airlink, Swaziland Airlink, South African Express Airways - during a calendar year, the more prestigious your Voyager status becomes. As you progress through the tiers - Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum and ultimately, Lifetime Platinum - you'll be entitled to more privileges, such as Bonus Miles, access to private airport lounges, additional baggage allowance and even a chauffeur service for Platinum and Lifetime Platinum members!

Airlink is a member of the South African Airways Frequent Flyer Programme "Voyager". For more information regarding the Voyager Programme, please click here